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11 Oct


Delhi based, designer Rahul Mishra gained the respect of countless individuals in the fashion world after becoming the first Indian man to win the International Woolmark Prize in 2014, but exactly which key factors have contributed to his outstanding success.

Mishra has a very clear and valid mindset when it comes to global sustainability and the importance of local community work. With his endorsement of equality, attention to detail and his infectious smile, here are some of the reasons why we should all love Rahul Mishra..

His style

After receiving the International Woolmark Prize, a pinnacle turning point in his career, Mishra went on to demonstrate his extraordinary and distinctively unique approach to modern fashion.

A recent exposition of Mishra’s work includes the SS18 collection titled ‘LIGHT IN THE SKY”, a desirable blend of multicolour and hand embroidery that perfectly reflects the tones of Mishra’s style. Combining his infamous trend of peplum and ruffles displayed interestingly amongst the women’s collection, the Fall collection titled ‘Infinity’ also demonstrates a similar use of ruffled fabrics and layered outfits. Mishra describes working with his team on the Fall collection as a ‘brain and hand coordination.. creating the most beautiful art’.

His Ethics & Global Sustainability

Mishra once quoted that he follows a simple rule when tackling sustainability and ethical issues regarding his work. These being the Four ‘E’s, Environment, employment, empowerment and enabling.

After stressing the overwhelming significance of fair treatment for his employees, the continuing incorporation of traditional Indian values within his collections and the vast use of natural fibres in his fabrics the result can only mean the highest of product efficiency.

He claims to take seriously into consideration how many lives he can potentially sustain by providing work.

It is common knowledge that in the fashion industry, the making of the garment is highly important therefore Mishra refuses to use unions for employment yet however hires purely on a skill basis in local communities for those who have great talents and are most deserving of the position.


First starting his career using predominantly handloom fabrics from India,Mishra exhibited his debut collection using exquisite details sourced from Kerula at the Lakme fashion show back in 2006. The delicate and intricate work of This collection and all of Mishra’s designs make each garment individual and astonishing and in turn the natural fibres such as Kerula’s cotton and the use of hand embroidery on the textiles add to the overall authenticity and sustainability of Mishra’s pieces, demonstrating beautiful, traditional Indian routes.

Wide accreditation

Suzy Menkes of Vogue once quoted “India should regard Mishra as a national treasure”. It is not difficult to notice the impact Mishra, who grew up in the village of Kanpur, has had on those of the fashion realm. He first shocked professional designers when he seemingly appropriated the concept of wool and transformed it into a summer fabric, hence acquiring a status said to have won him the Woolmark, 2014.

Rahul Mishra is also widely accredited by the federation and he in turn constantly strives to thank the Indian artisans who regard his work.

British model and TV presenter Alexa Chung gives acclaim to the Indian designer asserting that “His brain was exceptional” and that she “really loved Rahul”.

Mishra’s anecdotal attitude makes him all the more charming, with a somewhat free-spirited defiance in the way he tackles his projects, giving a great sense of power to his work.

The video below shows Rahul Mishra talking to The Selectist about his Autumn/Winter 2018 collection.


By Jess Leathem

Photography from the Spring/Summer 2018 collection by Slown

Video from the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection:

Hosted by Maiken Lorentz

Camera and Edit by Franck Renoir


Jess Leathem
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