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4 Apr

A Watch With a Thousand Faces

Recent presentation of the new watches of Haikara finally refreshed a middle prize

segment of the wristwatch market. The new and very clever idea definitely made the

competitors think: “Why didn’t we come up with it earlier”. The concept of the

device is really simple as everything genius – Haikara is a hybrid of a mechanical

and a digital watch, which can easily change its design with a single swap through a

touchscreen. Designed by widely recognised Finnish constructors, Haikara gives

the customers a chance to receive a new watch every day, adopting the accessory to

their look, mood or the weather.

But what is especially interesting is that Haikara hasn’t just smartly guessed the

need of the customers. By exposing the very idea of the watch-visual transformer,

the company unexpectedly revealed quite deep social processes, hidden behind the

global citizens’ needs.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.32.31-min

The challenge is that life becomes faster. People have been talking about it for ages. A few high-tech

companies have used the idea for their communication campaigns. We all know it, but

this observation always stayed rather abstract.


And finally the abstraction became concrete and made sense. At least for me, the

feeling that time passes faster becomes a real life experience and I would say this

fact somehow confuses me. Such an important change is a challenge, which

demands certain adaptation.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.29.01-min

The switch in the time perception is probably felt even more for those, who live in

a megapolis due to its rhythm and dynamism. I even guess, there should be a

proportion between your age, the size of the city, where you live and how the

speed of time passing is felt.


Normal daily agenda for a usual urban citizen nowadays includes yoga training in

the morning, office work after it, meetings, gym after work, dinner with friends,

classical concert in the evening and a party to finish the day. And you don’t have

to be a very important person anymore in order to live like that.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.30.57-min

Concerning such a rhythm, universalism becomes a new value. To be

practical means to be transformable. Yes, the future is already here and this

characteristics are becoming trends for all kind of design and technologies.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.33.14-min

Universalism and transformability are probably the challenges Haikara tried to

answer by creating their new wristwatch, which is able to change its look.

The watch gives you a choice between 20 interactive faces and 250 faces available to

download from Haikara’s app. Swiping its high-resolution display can easily

change the design of the watch face. Just one move and we can adopt its look to

our style at the moment: classical, casual, arty, sporty or whatever we will decide.


In the same time, it is of importance, that Haikara watch is not a pure smart gadget;

it’s rather a combination of a mechanical classical watch with the digital device, as

soon as the gadget is interactive to the user.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.31.22-min

But the very concept corresponds completely to the trend required by the very

lifestyle – universalism and transformability. And Haikara’s new product seems to

be another step to respond to the demand of a global citizen.


For the time that goes faster, we need another watch, don’t we?


By Maksym Teteruk

Photo Courtesy of Haikara


Maksym Teteruk
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