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3 May

Taking A Break at the Historical Molitor by M Gallery in Paris

5 star hotel

DESIGN ★★★★★
LOCATION ★★  Molitor  Molitor

Upon entering the room, I was immediately fascinated by the modern touches and the design. Having a standard room, you get approximately 20 m2 facing the big outdoor swimming pool in the center of the hotel. The outdoor swimming pool is heated at 28 C and is open from 8-22 h every day. There is also an indoor swimming pool, steam room, spa and fitness center. I needed to know that this 5 star hotel lived up to its stars, so I was very particular in checking the room. But going through the room I was even a bit annoyed that I couldn’t find a single thing that they hadn’t thought of.

They even outsmarted me when I tried to plug in my Macbook pro! I knew that the designer would probably have put a convenient plug by the side of the bed above the nightstand. When I tried to plug in my cable it seemed like the plug was loose and I thought, hah I found a default! Turns out the plug needed to be shoved in harder because it was a designer plug input that works after you push it and when not in use, it has a seamless flat surface. I should have known… Everything in this room is designed to the centimetre. Nothing is left out, there is even an international adapter for people like me that forget those things. There is even a docking station for your iPhone with speakers.

Molitor Molitor



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