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9 Nov

Samir Pain Brings Algerian Glamour to Paris

Samir Pain, Algerian designer, recently took to Paris to present his latest couture collection at Les Nuits de La Mode event at the Hilton, La Defense.

Having completed his education in France, Samir Pain opened his couture house in Algiers in 1986. In 1988 he participated in the second Salon of Creation Riad el Feth and was awarded the first Haute Couture Creation prize. He went on to create his Luxury online Ready to Wear collection in 1989, going on to present both couture and luxury ready to wear in Algiers that same year.

In his prolific career he has always hoped to bring Algerian fashion into the world market, most notably with the foundation of Alger Fashion week, showcasing both Algerian and international designers. Drawing much inspiration from his eclectic background, he identifies with Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, aiming to introduce them into the western markets with modernity. Wanting to bring Algerian culture into the mainstream is one of his main goals, he wants to translate the rich Alergian culture into the world of fashion. In 2010, Samir Pain’s collection included a line of jeans with satin and silk details and traditional embroidered jackets, fusing the classic Algerian fashion with modern items. Creating his collections with his international clientele in mind, he uses Algerian touches in his work as an accent.

However his most recent couture collection featured gowns that were contemporary and exquisite, using silks and jacquard and jewellery to add glamour.

“Our culture is so rich. Our story tells of three thousand years of existence. This is a huge heritage that we have to guard and preserve.”

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