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5 Sep

Quick Questions with James Goldstein


What are your thoughts about this Paris Fashion Week?

My thoughts have been the same for every Paris Fashion Week, it’s so exciting to be here, it’s my favorite city in the world and all of the shows and parties just add to my enjoyment of being in Paris. When I go back to Los Angeles where I live it just seems so boring and quiet after 10 days here.

What has been one of your highlights that you’ve seen on the runways this week?

I’d definitely say that the Balmain show was one of my favorites, Olivier is one of my favorite designers. The clothes are beautiful, the models are the very best every time and it’s always a highlight for me.

Can you share with us what continues to inspire you when it comes to trends and your own JamesGoldstein Couture brand?

I like to see what colors are being emphasized and what details are being emphasized such as fringe, corsets, or platform shoes, they were everywhere. So it helps me to focus on these details that are very fashionable and wearable.

Is there a particular trend that you are fond of and would like to see more of?

I’m very happy that many designers showed skinny pants because last season they were all showing pants that were wide and ended just above the ankle. I didn’t like those and I was happy that very few of those were shown this season. Everybody loves the skinny so much that they don’t want to give it up. I went through the era of bell-bottom pants; I don’t want to go through that again. (laughs)

Other than attending the shows during Fashion Week, what do you enjoy doing when you’re herein Paris?

I come to Paris many times in the year and beside from Fashion Weeks, just walking around the city is a thrill for me. Not so much when it’s cold like today (laughs), but in the summertime, it is so fantastic just to walk around the city.

Are there any new designers that you’ve spotted this season?

I try to see some of the upcoming designers, but I can’t say that any stood out for me this time around. But there’s so much creativity here in Paris there’s always new talents to see.

By C. Wai


C. Wai
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