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17 Nov

Silk and…Spoons? Larisa Katz and Art Couture

Sweet wrappers, plastic spoons, fine metal threads, silk and polyester. In a normal world, one would never imagine these materials to come together. In Larisa Katz’s world, not only do these items come together as art materials but are transformed into works of Art Couture.

Born in the former Soviet Union, now living in the Netherlands, Larisa Katz trained in the fine arts, studying classical painting and the styles of the old masters. But in recent years, she has driven her talents for colour and design towards fashion, creating outstanding gowns and gaining large recognition from the industry. Using common objects like those little foil wrapped biscuits we receive with our coffees, or indeed the spoons we stir it with, Lariza Katz produces sculptural dresses, often taking inspiration from architecture. She has shown her designs internationally from Dubai to Paris, Amsterdam to Bahrain, New York, London, and Cannes.

Though the materials might be unusual, Larisa is focused on the ways in which she can take unnatural shapes and transform them into organic forms. Wanting to avoid her pieces looking “kitsch” she balances the objects with strong, classic shapes and incorporating natural forms to take her pieces away from being just a statement and to elevate them to being works of art.

“For me, the red carpet is not about showing off”

Larisa explains that through exposure on the red carpets of Cannes Film Festival, for example, that it is not an excuse to “show-off” but about standing up for her right to be an artist. She has a global platform to exhibit her work. Hundreds of photographers follow  her to the red carpet to capture her creations at each event, often drawing attention away from the stars in designer gowns. Ultimately, It is social media that liberally allows people to decide whether they like her work. Almost as in an exhibition; we see the work and decide for ourselves whether we like it. Larisa Katz has turned her world into a stage upon which she presents her art.

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Photos courtesy of Lex Photography


Anna Deutsch
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