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3 May

How to Master your Long Haul Flight in 5 Steps

There are many ways to make the long haul flights an extremely pleasant experience. I thoroughly enjoy long haul flights, either if I spend them getting work done, organizing future travels, watching inspiring movies or documentaries or just sleeping. Here are my recommendations:

Long hauls are always more comfortable in business or premier class. If you can’t afford a ticket in business, see if there is any way you can get upgraded by using your miles/points/credit card. There are also plenty of companies that get cheap business class flights. When you upgrade and you have a layover, you get access to business or premier lounges. They are worth gold as you can eat and drink as much as you want. They have wifi, business centers, showers, luggage storage and a comfortable atmosphere. Always get the memberships of the airline groups you fly with and use them.



This is alpha omega especially if you are flying coach. People have personal preferences when it comes to the aisle or window seat, but I think most people agree on the fact that being in the middle in the centre section of the aircraft is the worst place to be. So get online before you fly as early as they will allow you to check in. Sometimes you will need to pay extra to choose your seat, but it is worth it. I always try to fly on the flights that are less crowded, depending on where you are flying that is a quick google search to find out. By preference, if I am flying coach, is the window seat in the row of 2 seats which can often be found in the back of the airplane. Avoiding the seat closest to the lavatory of course because of the constant traffic. If you pick this window seat with only one seat on the side, what most people will do is fill up all the 3 seat rows, one by the window and one by the aisle with a seat in between. If the flight is not packed, you will have these two seats to yourself.



That is key, first of all because they have to endure much more than you do during this flight from soothing crying babies, to inconsiderate passengers, handling people with phobias of flying, people who drink too much, balancing around in turbulence and little sleep. These people are our heroes and they deserve smiles and polite behavior. Not only that, but they also have the power to get you extra perks and if they like you, an upgrade for example.


If you will be spending 14 hours in the air plus a layover with a 3 hour flight following after, the question is, what do you want the experience to be like? This all goes into your carry-on. My favourite way to pack my carry-on at the moment is having a big Chanel tote bag that fits perfectly into where you have to shove your stuff under the seat. Inside I have a smaller hand bag in which I have my regular daily essentials, credit card, cash, keys etc. In the larger part of the tote bag I have a couple of lap tops, one or two really big scarves to hide from the world when I sleep, a big sweater for sleeping and a vanity bag. In the vanity bag I usually have a pair of fluffy socks, eye masks, ear plugs, dental kit, face wipes or antiseptic wipes, make up, lip balm, moisturizer. And the essential, stocking up on music on the phone to peace out.



Before you board that long haul flight, think of tasks that you have to do that can be done on the computer for example. Is there any of the “boring work stuff” you can get out of the way on the flight? On the long hauls, there is not really much to do so you might as well get it over with. I usually get organizing, lists and writing done; this article, for example, is a long haul baby.

by @xmaiki


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