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11 Aug

Firebird Feathers – Yanina Couture AW2016/17

Sophisticated as ever, Yulia Yanina’s collection this season is inspired by the Russian legend, The Bird of Happiness (Zhar-Ptitsa), which is said to only present itself to those of pure thoughts and dreams. Signifying love, pride, splendor and perfection, each piece in the collection resonates with this theme.

With the help of thirty seamstresses and twenty embroiderers, the collection is vivid, following the legend of the bird with the embroidery of 365 differently coloured feathers, one for each day of the year, each intricately woven into the designs. Intended to protect those who wear them, as well as drawing great admiration and respect – as per the rich story of The Bird of Happiness. Appearing in all its forms, from peacock eyes and coloured feathers embroidered on almost all of the garments, Yanina’s collection is full of surprises, with dresses that are truly works of art. The kaleidoscope of colors used in the collection are largely inspired by Leon Bakst, Ivan Bilibin and other illustrators of Russian fairytales. Combine this with the Zhar-Ptitsa fire-bird influence and we have an extraordinary collection that exhibits Yulia Yanina’s careful attention to detail, deep connection with her Russian roots and stark ability to create a whole world with her creations.


For the most part, the collection consists of glorious gowns which would fulfill any elegant princess-fantasy, with flowing lines, velvet and translucent tulle. This collection also features some ever-so-sexy tailoring. Drawing from The Bird of Happiness, the garments are intended to empower the wearer and perhaps there is nothing so empowering as a beautifully tailored smoking jacket. Edwardian-style collars and cuffs, with feathers rather than frills.

Not only accomplished but widely varied, it’s no surprise that more and more celebrities are showcasing her designs on red carpets across the world, from Eva Longoria, Emma Roberts, and Gigi Hadid to Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson and Ariana Grande.


Emma Roberts, Gigi Hadid and Gwen Stephani in Yanina Couture


Anna Deutsch
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