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10 Mar

Exploring New Worlds With Space Nomad Liselore Frowijn

Often our mind ponders the endless possibilities waiting to unfold in the future. What will a modern

metropolis look like and how will fashion partake in the role of progress synchronising with various

technologies of the future? While sci-fi films offer a plethora of ideas, so does Dutch designer Liselore

Frowijn through her Autumn Winter 2017 collection.

FROWIJN_WCFF17_004-min Frowijn collaborates with prestigious graphic artist Ulises Chamorro to showcase garments inspired

by the work of Dutch sculptor, Alfred Eikelenboom- who’s work is seen scattered throughout the

Netherlands. Circular themes and bold block colours that often dictate his work were also the

predominant theme in Frowijn’s collection.FROWIJN_WCFF17_009-min

Warm hues of cosmic bodies on quilt stitched coats, offering an apt mise-en-scéne for the fashionable

space nomad returning from an Indian escapade. Liselore draws inspiration from the vibrant colours in

Eikelenboom’s work and also appropriately paying homage to the vibrant colours of Indian heritage,

offering the collection a refreshing colour palette.

FROWIJN_WCFF17_015-min But while a great number of pieces were piled onto a gold space suit overall, the collection seemed

to have been disrupted by the feather-like quality of a warm mustard organza, with bright pink polka

dots and whimsical free petalled florals affixed to the fabric.

FROWIJN_WCFF17_021-min Concerned with the predicament of global warming, we see gradient prints of striking burning orange

cohabiting with a muted grey. The gradation of maroon and bordeaux with a foray of a modest tan for

silk and wool fabrics offer a human touch to the futuristic ensemble.

Always concerned about capturing the spirit of a prudent and effervescent woman Liselore initiates a

dialogue through subversive clothes, interestingly presented by a stoic muse. Hair pulled back in a slick

pony tail with porcelain skin makes the perfect image for the feminist of the future.

FROWIJN_WCFF17_007-min With the X chromosome out growing the Y, in every sector, the questions put forward by female

designers is a message that is omnipresent and one that we cannot ignore. The decade continues to

be dominated by uber femininity, but also the rise of female designer thats are voicing their ideas loud

and clear. From Liselore’s win at Hyeres Festival to Grace Wales Bonner ground breaking victory of

the LVMH prize. Modest fashion dominates the scene, while also sending out a powerful message

about women being much more than their curvaceous form. Beauty embodied by every attribute

possessed by the unapologetically intelligent and enigmatic female is here to stay and Liselore intends

to create the right attire for this hopeful future.

By Pancham Hariharan

Photo courtesy of 2eme Bureau 

FROWIJN_WCFF17_025-min FROWIJN_WCFF17_034-min


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