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11 Nov


Fashion designer Christophe Guillarmé first showed the world of fashion his glorious and unique style back  in 1998 and has since then managed to establish himself as an iconic French designer of modern times.

Before kick-starting his career as a young fashion designer in the late 90’s, Guillarmé had previously worked amongst the likes of Jean- Charles de Castelbajac and Stella Cadente. Later, Guillarmé became a representative for ‘Sidaction’, a charity based event raising awareness for AIDS, henceforth gaining him additional recognition and representation in the field and as a public figure.

Since 2003 Guillarmé has been present regularly with a show room at the Cannes Film Festival to dress the stars for the red carpet and events. He has continued to maintain his reputation as an outstandingly distinctive designer during his seemingly effortless career.

His Dolce Vita style has been described by Guillarmé himself as a mixture of glam rock and couture entwined with the use of feminine values and qualities as seen upon the overall manner of the models and amidst each range of clothes.

An assortment of significant traits are brought into play by the French designer continuously throughout his varied body of work. Shifting from earlier collections demonstrating a very traditional French chic look, such as the Fall/Winter 2015 “Black Orchidée” inspired by the film “The Black Orchid”, to the latest Spring/ Summer 2018 range for his ready-to-wear runway show incorporating a lot of floral prints. All pieces are distinguishably different yet share the same sense of distinctive feminine values.

Guillarmé describes his style as “Ultra-feminine”, causing his work to be uncontrollably contagious for icons of glamour. Undoubtedly his simple feminine touch only accentuates the beauty of each garment further, making the designer’s collections even more communicable for his demographic in the sense that his work screams effortless feminine beauty.

Guillarmé exhibits a very simple yet unique manner towards modern fashion. He expresses how easy it is to be up to date with present trends and creating seasonal outfits without buying an entirely new wardrobe.

The bold garments, undeniably convey a high level of power and representation of feminism. anyone sporting a Guillarmé piece would not be not afraid to stand out from the crowd. 

By Jess Leathem

Photography by Slown 


Jess Leathem
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