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3 Sep


Most fashion weeks for people that work in the industry can be somewhat a blur of fashion shows, events, meetings, people and clothes upon clothes to eternity. At the end of each fashion week roller coaster, there are usually specific moments of the 4-8 shows per day week that stand out. The first time I saw Chilean fashion designer Octavio Pizarro’s work was one of those moments.

It could possibly have been because of our shared fascination with black which in many cases people associate with sadness, death, evil and power amongst numerous other interpretations. Personally black is mysterious, absorbing all colors as a canvas of creation. In alchemy it’s the first stage where things are broken down into their essential elements and it is also what Leonardo Da Vinci coated his canvases with before fostering his countless masterpieces. Scientists have yet to decide whether black is even a color or not.

For whatever reason, entering the room where Pizarro’s collection was presented on mannequins I was enthralled. The different shades of black created by the textures in the fabrics, knits, patterns and structures of the clothes was intriguing and I spent a very long time studying each piece. Pizarro quickly became one of my favourite designers and his clothes a pure pleasure to wear. We went to his atelier for an exclusive chat as you can watch in the video below.

Text and chat by @xmaiki

Camera and edit by Anna Deutsch


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