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18 Nov


After Keiko Onose officially debuted “CYCLAS” in Paris, January 2016, she has definitely become one of the designers to follow. At her spring summer 2018 show, we went to take a look at her collection both backstage and on the runway. We also asked Onose about her thoughts this season.

Your collection for spring/summer 2018 is called “Romance and Reassurance”. Could you tell us about the choice of title? 

I believe the most important role of Fashion is to offer the positive energy to women. Nowadays, the feeling of romance and reassurance with gentleness is essential.

What idea did you have that sparked this collection?

The inspiration came from the flowing water.

When you have ideas, what processes do you use to create the designs we see on the catwalk? 

Colour, print, light, fluid, transparent and natural fabrics, fluid silhouette like draping, gathering floating and pleats etc.

What are the great influences in your design?

Instinct and what I see and hear everyday in my life.

What is of utter importance for you when designing for women?

The clothes are to give a confident and uplifting feeling to the women. It makes us comfortable all day. The touch of the fabric is important and colour should add the newness but it should always go with intelligence. Silhouette should be new and modern and at the same time comfortable on the body.

By Maiken Lorentz

Camera by Franck Renoir


Maiken Lorentz
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