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3 May

A Paradise You Don’t Want to Escape at Golden Tulip, Tunis Gammarth




This trip was my second time to Tunis to cover Tunis Fashion Week for Fashion One Television. I must say, Tunisian hotels don’t seem to skimp on luxury. The hotel is quite large and includes 4 restaurants so you can choose between Italian, Tunisian, Indian and plenty of international dishes in the El Montazah restaurant. The hotel also features lounge bars, a pub and my favorite was the balcony of the lounge bar with a view of the pool lit up at night.

My room was very comfortable, it was on the ground floor and though it wasn’t the biggest room I have seen, it served a good purpose. As my terrace was facing out towards the swimming pool, it was very easy for me to jump over the railing in my swim wear and head over to the pool. I don’t think this is standard hotel procedure, but I don’t think they cared that I did. Climbing back up to the terrace was a bit harder though! The pool was always empty when I was in it, most people preferred to lounge in the sun. Perfection.

Our stay at the Golden Tulip Carthage was after the terrorist attack on the Bardo museum and before the terrorist attack on the hotel in Sousse. I can tell you that I was not worried, not even for a second. The security at the hotel is very strict, all the cars are checked when they enter, both the hood and the trunk. There are also security guards. I went around Tunis alone, also, and I never felt unsafe.



The hotel is very pleasant which is why I stayed much longer than I would have normally. It is in Gammarth and you can get around pretty easily from there to explore the town. The hotel staff is very helpful when it comes to getting you safely to your destinations and there is also a spa next door with another pool connected to the hotel.




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