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26 Apr

A Look at a Party in a Reflection: Christine Phung at Galerie Joyce

There are few people who would disagree that springtime in Paris is one of the most delightful things in life. Surrounded by the foliage that mottles the arcades with swaying leafy shadows is Galerie Joyce. A distant clinking of ice and an ever-busying doorway beckons us to the opening night of Christine Phung’s exhibition, nestled in the arches of Le Palais Royal. Dreamy blues and masterful prints of her two most recent collections, Spring Summer 2016 and Autumn Winter 2016/17, welcome us at the door.

It is a celebration of her current collaborations, with artists Philippe Decrauzat and Mathieu Mercier and in part, works as the marking of her recent appointment as the Creative Director of Leonard, Paris. An extension of her work, the exhibition is something of a joining between the art and fashion, with fabulous photography prints lining the gallery walls and a mirrored installation: “A look at a party in a reflection” (un regard dans une fête dans un reflet) it reads in neon, and in the centre of it all is certainly a wonderful party dress.

We caught up with Christine to see where she plans on taking the famous fashion house and, of course, to answer the question we all want answered: will her own brand Christine Phung continue while she is at Leonard’s helm? Watch our interview with Christine above.



Anna Deutsch
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