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8 Aug

25 Years of Rynshu – SS17

Spring Summer 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Rynshu presenting his collections in Paris and he certainly stunned with this collection. Not only does this collection mark Rynshu’s significant contribution to menswear fashion, but is the symbol for a turning point in the brand’s direction, focusing on simpler silhouettes and drawing on traditions.


In Japanese cultural history, it is traditional for samurais, shoguns, artists and emperors to change their names as their person develops, with the aim that they go beyond themselves with their new epithet, striving for personal development. Artist Hokusai for example, known for The Great Wave, changed his name several times during his career. Among these artists, great warriors and rulers, Rynshu has also chosen to preserve the tradition, marking his development as an artist by this symbolic name change.

Born Masatomo Yamaji, he created MA-JI in 1985. He later went on to change his name to Masatomo in 1992, which was the first year he presented at Paris Fashion Week. It wasn’t until 2008 that Masatomo changed his name again to Rynshu Hashimoto and then finally in his Autumn Winter 2010-11 collection presentation in Paris that he became Rynshu. It is also worth noting that since his debut, Runshu has worked without an assistant, perhaps resounding with the symbolism of his Japanese culture to strive to go beyond himself.

This collection, Rynshu presents a unisex collection, in keeping with the label’s tradition. With floral prints, python, jacquard and Japanese styling, Rynshu combines textiles and graphics with precision. Slim silhouettes and perfect smoking jackets take a modern twist with clashing patterns that come together effortlessly. The fabrics are light, with billowing shirts balancing the fitted slim trousers and refined shapes.


Anna Deutsch
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